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Lemon Juice Keeps You Healthy Inside Out!

Posted July 27th, 2011

Lemon juicer - juicing for healthSome natural lifestyle habits that become part of our life have a positive impact on our health. Lemon is one such fruit that detoxifies us from the inside if incorporated in our daily diet. Although we use lemon juice in one form or the other, very few of us are aware of its amazing health benefits. So far, we only enjoy the tangy taste of lemon in beverages and different foods but taking plain lemon juice in diluted form is a remedy in itself.
Lemon is such a helpful detoxifier that many people go for lemon detox.  For lemon detox fasting, you need to place lemons in a
juicer and add maple syrup and honey and water to make up a glass full of drink. You can also add cayenne pepper to the mixture and drink it for 10 consecutive days. You will feel detoxified from inside and out. However, before you have this total cleansing drink, consult any herbalist or a qualified naturopath. Lemon juice guarantees total cleansing and a detox fast.

Immune System Booster
Lemon is not just a citrus fruit with vitamin C; it also boosts your immune system. For instance, the mixture of green tea, honey and lemon acts as a support for our immune system. In fact, it is the best remedy for a cold or flu in the world. Some people in our surroundings are more prone to flu than others. They suffer from the symptoms of flu in every winter and throughout the winter season.

Prevents Diseases
Drinking lemon juice daily helps to prevent and treat malaria. Lemon is also an effective remedy against headache. Besides, the consumption of diluted lemon juice is known to dissolve gall stones. It’s good to take lemon juice in the morning but lemon juice cleanses the body from the inside more effectively when you are at rest. Hence drinking lemon juice at night will inherently detoxify your body. Lemon juice freshly extracted from a home
juicer is an amazing remedy for all such people.  Add lemon when you juice your favorite fruits and veggies such as   watermelon, apple, cantaloupe, carrot and more.

Lemon juice is recommended as a natural remedy but that doesn’t mean you start to wait for overnight miracles. You will see a difference only if you drink lemon juice regularly.


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