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Fruits – A Good Source of Energy

Posted December 1st, 2010

Juicer for Juicy Energy fruits-

We all are quite aware of the fact that fruits can provide ample energy to our body. Whether it is oranges or bananas, they are great sources of energy. It is generally considered that animal food is much healthier than fruits. To a certain extent this might be true when it comes to the protein factor but where other nutrients such as carbohydrates, vitamins and fibers are concerned, fruits beat animal food.

Whether you are using fruit juicers to make fruit juice or you are eating fruits, it is all good. So, if you are someone who doubts the fact that fruits are probably the best sources of energy then you should read the chart below:

Proteins, Sugar and Fat provided by fruits:
Basically, the energy in fruits is restored in sugar form therefore it is digested easily in our bodies. Another benefit here is that this chemical process of digestion leaves no toxic waste products. In fact, it stimulates the body to get rid of toxic residues left over by other foods you consume. Hence, in this regard, fruits can provide instant energy to your body unlike animal food. If you have a fruit juice extractor then you can use it to make fresh fruit juices which is probably the fastest way of consuming fruit energy.

Fibers provided by fruits:
Fibers are important for the body. They help in properly digesting the food, improve the digestive system and save your body from bloating and other digestive medical conditions. Animal food has little to no fibers in it but fruits are rich in fibers. This is one reason why it is said not to completely blend fruits while using a fruit juicer. You should drink half-done juices.

Water provided by fruits:
70% of body muscles are made of water. Therefore, water is highly essential for the body to restore energy. Animal food has 15% of water whereas fruits have 80% of water in them. If your body does not consume ample amount of water it dehydrates and loses energy. So, whether you are eating fruits or you are using fruit juicers to make juices, you are consuming fruit water either ways.

Nearly all fruits are filled with energy but some of them are more important to consume such as pomegranate, oranges, bananas, apples, lychees, blueberries and strawberries. Besides, they taste good too so you don’t really have a reason to stay away from them. And, today you can even buy juicers online to make fresh fruit juices so why not lead a healthier life?


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