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Juicing to Lower Blood Pressure

Posted March 11th, 2014

Best vegetable juicer.High Blood Pressure is a threatening health condition that can be the precursor of other heart and cardiovascular ailments. In some cases, it can even lead to heart failure. Although medications control this condition, natural treatments and diet are also recommended to help keep blood pressure in check. Prevention is always preferable when dealing with health issues hence, the reason to introduce healthy lifestyle such as juicing fruits and vegetables into our diets using a juicer.

Beetroot or simply beet has several nutrients that assist in lowering blood pressure. But, in this particular case for blood pressure lowering, it is actually better to drink the juiced beet root to get the maximum benefit. When you cook the beet or ferment a beet (like we find in a pickled beet), the amount of healthful nutrients for blood pressure benefits will decrease. By juicing, you are going to get 100% of the phytonutrients (plant chemicals) which are preserved and absorbed quicker into your system to help decrease blood pressure.

Many people may not be used to the strong flavor of beetroot juice; to make the juice palatable, carrots, lemons, apples can be added to the juice.

Beet-Carrot-Ginger Juice Recipe
1 beet (trimmed and peeled)
3 large carrots
A small piece of fresh ginger, peeled
1 small lemon (peeled)

Pass the ingredients through your juicer and enjoy.


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