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Juicing Recipes That Your Kids Will Love!

Posted July 9th, 2012

Best Juicer for juicing for kidsOne of the best things you can do to ensure that your children have a healthy body, is buy the best juicer you can and make them delicious and nutritious drinks that will fill them with all the good things that they need!
While young children may not love the greens and other veggies that their parents do, there are many wonderful fruit and vegetable combinations that they will love. Here are some recipes that kids cannot live without – especially during summer break! 

Pear and Apple Delight
2 large pears
1 large apple
½ of an average sized lemon
To begin, core the pear and wash the lemon and apple well. Add them all to the juice extractor and mix well before serving. Top it off with a little umbrella to add a touch of festivity!

Wonderful Watermelon Juice
All you need for this one is 1/8th of a watermelon for every desired serving. This type of fruit is so light and juicy so no other ingredients need to be added. For extra oomph, juice a little bit of the rind, but this is not a must; the rind contains minerals and vitamins that are essential for a healthy body.

 Pineapple Surprise Juice
The surprise here is (shhh, don’t tell the kiddos!) celery! Celery is an awesome addition to any juice and is so good for the body. However, they will not even taste this ingredient as the pineapple totally drowns it out. Both of these things combined serve as a relaxant, so not only is it good for them, it is also great for you!
2 small celery stalks
2 slices of pineapple cut to a medium thickness
Remove the core and skin of the pineapple; Feed the celery and pineapple in your juice extractor and server.
Even if your kids are not huge juice fans, they will love at least one of these recipes, so try them out and see how many good things can happen to your children’s health!


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