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Best Vegetables for Good Health

Posted December 9th, 2010

Best Juicer for good health
Including vegetables in your diet can really benefit your health regardless of the stage of life you are at. Think about it – people with heart diseases, cancer, and other deadly diseases are recommended to eat more and more vegetables, why? Simply because vegetables are rich in vitamins and other necessary nutrients which our bodies need in order to stay healthy. Whether you eat cooked vegetables, use a vegetable juice extractor or eat them raw, they can for sure be beneficial.

Here are some of the healthiest vegetables which are recommended to include in your diet:

Sweet Potatoes:
If you think that sweet potatoes are only good for children then you need to look at the facts once again! Sweet potatoes are rich sources of anti-oxidant nutrients which can help your body in washing out the free radicals which are usually causes to various diseases such as diabetes and colon cancer. Also, sweet potatoes are great for patients with asthma arthritis because of their anti-inflammatory properties. Not only this, sweet potatoes are also filled with iron, calcium, fiber and carbohydrates which makes them one of the strongest vegetables.

Yup, that’s right onions are quite healthy and they should not be just used to add flavor in your meals. Onions are helpful in reducing blood sugar levels and they also promote good cardiovascular health. In addition, including onions to your diet means you are protecting your body against various deadly diseases such as the various types of cancers. 

We all know
carrots are healthy but believe it or not their health benefits are more than what you generally get to hear. Basically, carrots are the richest source of pro-vitamin A carotenes which makes them powerful enough to strengthen your eyesight. Carrots also are great to protect your body from colon diseases and for controlling sugar levels. 

Remember Popeye the Sailorman and his spinach can? That cartoon had a message which was that spinach can actually make you stronger within days. Spinach can protect you from diseases like arthritis, heart diseases, osteoporosis and so on. It is proven that spinach has 13 flavonoid compounds which are helpful in recovering your body from ovarian and prostate cancer. This is why patients of these diseases are recommended to consume spinach regularly.

These are some of the healthiest vegetables and you can get them easily. If you don’t like eating them then you should buy a vegetable juice extractor to consume them in juice form.


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