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The Importance of Eating Fresh Vegetables

Posted December 17th, 2010


Vegetable juicer for juicingWe all know that adding vegetables to our diet can be beneficial to our health. But, do we know that eating fresh vegetables is actually way more beneficial than eating canned or frozen vegetables? Think about it – today our lives are so busy that we don’t even think of taking care of ourselves. Canned food has become an essential part of our lives. As soon as we are advised to consume vegetables, we go and grab the cans. What we don’t know is that by doing that we are doing no good to our health. To a certain level canned vegetables are good but their potential of being healthy is lost due to the additives. For this very reason, it is recommended to always consume fresh vegetables.

It is always better to buy a vegetable juice extractor to make fresh vegetable juice instead of buying canned vegetables. Basically, processed vegetables are not as healthy as they are when they are fresh. Vegetables are natural ingredients and as soon as they are detached from their plants or roots they start losing their essence. The more the time it takes to reach you the more it will lose its strength.

Vegetables start losing vitamins and energy enzymes and when they are processed, artificial flavors, sugars, preservatives and sodium is usually added to them. This way, they lose much of their potency of providing you with the nutrients they are actually meant for. Not only this, when these vegetables are further cooked they then lose the remaining compounds as well. The tissue fibers are lost hence you are left with the residue. So in other words, you are just consuming 10% of what should have been 100% if fresh.

There are people who debate over the fact that canned veggies are healthy too. For sure, when the vegetables are canned they don’t lose all their health benefits. As they say something is better than nothing so if you live in an area where you think getting your hands on fresh vegetables is an abstruse task then you can consume the canned ones but make sure your first priority is always the fresh ones.

The best way to have optimum veggie nutrition is to use a juice extractor and make juices of vegetables like carrots, broccoli, etc.


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