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How Diabetes Treatment Can Be Assisted By Juicing

Posted April 23rd, 2011

Juicer for diabetes treatment By taking just one serving of leafy green vegetables along with approximately three servings of fruits, this can keep you from the risk of diabetes mellitus type II. However, it’s really hard for anyone to determine if he or she will be susceptible to this problem. Besides nobody has time to calculate their daily servings. The best solution is to get a juicer and extract juice from the required fruits and vegetables that can assist in diabetes treatment.

You can keep the problem of diabetes in check simply by extracting fresh juice from some raw fruits and vegetables. The people suffering from type II diabetes lack the capability to process glucose, a blood sugar. The result is that the sugar stays in the blood and the blood sugar level rises to threatening levels.

Some of the green vegetables and fruits juices are known to balance the blood sugar level however; one cannot eliminate other risk factors like the family history, smoking habits and the weight of a person. All these factors can contribute to the problem of increased blood sugar levels.
Apart from reducing white flours and potatoes from your diet there is a need to take a combination of juices that can treat diabetes.

Juices to Treat Diabetes
With the help of diverse juicers, you will be able to get different cocktail juices of fruits and vegetables. People with type II diabetes lack natural insulin that is capable of keeping the level of blood sugar in balance. They need to juice string beans and brussel sprouts which are a natural source of insulin.

But obviously, you can’t take them alone. For adding flavor to the juices, you can add apple, carrot, beet, or pear to the juicer. These fruit juices taken in semi diluted form or after mixing with celery, parsley, beets, or spinach make a perfect remedy for diabetes patients. The fruit juices must be taken in diluted form because concentrated juices will elevate the blood sugar levels drastically.

Besides this, vegetable juices of vegetables like alfalfa, asparagus, lettuce, radishes, cucumber and cabbage contain silicon that help the pancreas to produce insulin. Whenever, you place these vegetables in the juicer, make sure you add fruits sparingly.
Another important remedy against diabetes is of bitter melon juice. Bitter melon has three compounds that are capable of lowering blood sugar levels. For diabetic patients, it is recommended to take at least two ounces of freshly extracted bitter melon juice per day.


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