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Juice Extractors and Weight Loss Go Hand-In-Hand

Posted May 2nd, 2011

Juice Extractors for Weight LossThere is nothing more refreshing or pure than starting your day with natural fresh juice. And when drinking juice can help you reduce weight then it will be an added bonus. When you start juicing fruits and veggies using juice extractors, you will find it as a voyage of discovery. Initially you will start with known fruits and vegetables. Later on, you will become more adventurous and start trying different fruits and mixtures. A glass of fresh juice provides a refreshing beginning for the day and is the best way to kick start your metabolism.
Usually, many people start with orange or apple juice, then they start adding carrots to it and the journey of discovery goes on. Most of the times it’s just the refreshing feeling and wonderful taste that makes people take fresh juice in their daily lives. What such people might not know is the fact that juice freshly made from juice extractors is a fun way to reduce weight.

How a juice can replace meal
With freshly extracted juice, you can maintain the balance of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in your body. This makes a glass of juice a complete meal with low caloric content. Fruit and vegetable juices not only keep you healthy but also in good shape. It will be a great substitute for meals when you are on a weight loss regime. Fruit and vegetable juice have some slimming properties as well that will help your reduce extra weight.

Freshly extracted fruit juice helps reduce excess weight by acting as a strong body cleanser. Juices especially from citrus fruits and different vegetables detoxify your internal system. When you are replacing the meal with juices, the excess fat is reduced due to your metabolism while the juices provide nutrients and limited calories from natural sugars.

Fresh juice from juice extractor VS carton juice
The moment you taste the fresh juice from a juice extractor, you will realize that it doesn’t lack the taste that you get from artificially flavored juices available in bottles or cartons.  The ready made packed juices contain additives, sugar, salt and edulcorants  that have no role in reducing weight, instead they can be a source to gain weight. So why waste your money when you can get the same delicious taste in a more natural way by making juice from your juicer.

As opposed to this, the juice obtained from a juice extractor is fresh and you will only be consuming natural sugars without the risk of any additives. Moreover, the natural fruit juices contain pectin that helps in digestion and in the elimination of waste.

The best part is that when you will consume juice from juice extractors, you will also be able to fulfill your fruit and vegetable requirements per day. For instance when you take a glass of juice with two apples and three carrot juice, you have completed the intake of five fruits and vegetables needed in a day.

This emphasizes the importance of a juice extractor in your life. Only a juicer can provide you fresh fruit and vegetable juice which can aid your weight loss regime


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