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Why Green Juices Are Ideal For Health

Posted May 12th, 2011

Juicer  for Green JuicesFor some reason kids have a natural fear of green. They will shy away from everything green whether it’s for eating or drinking. Yet there are people who are becoming aware of the health benefits of green vegetables and incorporating them in their diet. The green color implies purity and this is exactly what green juice does. It is responsible for the cleansing and detoxifying of our internal system.

Green juice proves to be a master cleanser in comparison to any other detox concoction. This is because your body has the capability to absorb cleansing nutrients and other healthy components from a green juice.

What’s in green juice?
You can make green juice after placing organic ingredients such as green leafy vegetables like celery, spinach and adding a refreshing agent like cucumber. To make an ideal green juice some more ingredients can be added to enhance the taste of the drink. Lemon, carrot and apple can be added to the green concoction that preserves the green color but the taste is changed significantly.

Health benefits of green juice
Such green juices don’t just act as a detoxifier but also provide some essential nutrients like minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates. This makes green juice apt for becoming a meal replacement. For people who lack sufficient nourishment, they can also take it between their meals as a supplement. Although there are many recipes for green juices, an ideal one will include the ingredients that make the essence of green drinks like parsley, kale and spinach.

Parsley is a wonder herb when it comes to the cleansing effect it has on the stomach, colon and your blood. Kale provides calcium and other nutrients whereas; spinach works as a strong antioxidant and replenishes all essential vitamins and minerals in your body. This makes a complete diet in a single glass of juice. If you want to make a green juice from your juice extractor, don’t forget these three vegetables.

All these nutrients combined will deliver the nutrients your body needs. Some of the nutrients in green juice will help expel toxins and heal and cleanse your body. The above mentioned nutrients are not only available in condensed form in a green juice but they are available in the form that makes them readily absorbable.

Green juice acts as a supplement to provide nutrients and has a detoxifying action. Drinking green juice everyday will help you lead a healthy lifestyle.


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