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The Miracles of Carrot Juice

Posted June 8th, 2011

Carrot Juice JuicerThe notion that carrots are the goldmine of vitamins and minerals is true in the literal sense. If we were to count the therapeutic effects of any vegetable, carrot would probably be the leading vegetable with maximum health benefits. Apart from nutritional values, carrots can be added to both fruit and vegetable juices as taste enhancers. 

Reservoir of beta-carotene
We all hear that beta-carotene is essential for improving our eye vision. Besides it supports immune function, gives strength to bones, improves thyroid gland function are some facts most of us are aware of. But did you know the largest reservoir of beta-carotene is a carrot? In fact, the name is synonymous to carotene. This is no co-incidence. The word carotene is derived from carrot which means an orange yellow pigment.
Keeps Skin Glowing
The miracles of carrot juice are countless. The most amazing benefit is that it’s a natural skin care vegetable that prevents aging. The antioxidants present in carrot hunts down the free radicals that are responsible for promoting the process of aging. Besides, free radicals are one reason why you get wrinkles, rashes, eczema and other skin problems. So you can keep these problems at bay by drinking a glass of carrot juice freshly extracted from your

Anti-inflammatory Action
Along with carotene, there are other anti-oxidants in carrots that prevent inflammation and an outburst of cancerous cells. Due to its natural anti-septic properties, carrot juice gives you the strength to recover quickly from wounds and injuries. And those who take carrot juice daily are less likely  to develop inflammation and swellings.

Therapeutic Effect
It won’t be wrong to say that carrot juice is a natural medicine. When
carrot juice is mixed with other vegetables, it can have substantial therapeutic effects. For instance, the carrot and spinach juice calms your nerves, refreshes your mind and improves your sleep. Additionally, this combo has amazing cleansing properties that relieve some common digestive ailments. Also, the combination of carrot, beetroot and berries acts like a tonic to give you a daily dose of vitamin C.


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