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Stay Hydrated with Fresh Juice!

Posted June 15th, 2011

Juicer and Juice ExtractorEver since we were kids, we have been hearing that drinking eight glasses of water a day is good for our health. It helps to keep you hydrated especially when you go out for exercise. In fact, one of the best ways to keep yourself healthy is by staying hydrated.

When most of the water is lost in sweating, it takes along some of the essential salts. Thus dehydration results in an electrolyte imbalance. When the electrolyte equilibrium is disturbed, your metabolism and energy level will get affected. In case the condition of electrolyte imbalance remains persistent, then this can lead to a condition of confusion and anxiety and also some health problems. Even when you feel thirsty, it means that you are dehydrated. Although water can keep you hydrated, it just can’t replenish the salt imbalance. 

In this situation, some fruit juices are ideal. If you have a juicer at home, staying hydrated won’t be a problem. Fruits like grapes, peaches, oranges, cantaloupe and watermelon have high water content. Such delicious fruit juices will help you stay hydrated in the summer.

When you have been dehydrated after an exercise or after returning from a hot and humid day, a glass of freshly extracted fruit juice will balance the loss of fluids and restore the electrolyte balance.  On the other hand, drinks like coffee, caffeinated tea and sodas will do no good because they are strong diuretics and drive more water out of your system. Try to stick to the seasonal fruits and vegetable juices and use multipurpose juicers so that you can enjoy the taste and benefits of all fruits.

Orange juice has higher potassium content and potassium is an electrolyte that is lost during perspiration. If you live in a place with hot and humid climate, then it’s recommended to take orange juice freshly extracted from a juicer. Homemade juice is way better than artificially flavored juices. Thus the best way to improve your health is by taking good quality of fluids for which you will need to juice fruits and vegetables.

The fruits and vegetables recommended for juices to stay hydrated include papaya, mango, banana, pear, avocado and cantaloupe. It’s best to juice them raw without cooking or boiling to preserve the nutrients and get the complete hydration advantages. Cooking can result in water loss. Thus in a nutshell, homemade juices from juice extractors will allow you to unlock the vital nutrients and minerals. Alongside, with the rich water content you can stay hydrated.


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