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Tips on How to Include Fruits and Veggies in the Family Menu

Posted June 22nd, 2011
Juicer, Juice Extractor - Juicing fruits and veggiesNot many of us plan our daily menu and ensure intake of enough healthy food to get the required nourishment. Our chaotic routine does not spare time to prepare nourishing meals so we end up taking junk food, which has a deteriorating impact on our health. It is highly recommended to include fresh fruits and vegetables in daily meals to get a balanced diet and strengthen the biological systems.
To improve family health, one should ensure the addition of fruits and vegetables to the daily meals. An easier and handy way of sneaking them into the daily routine is juicing. The availability of latest variable speed fruit and vegetables juice extractors has made juicing a trouble-free job. Here we go with some of the most favorite ways to affix them to your daily family menu: 
  • Begin each day with a revitalizing fruit juice so that you start off with bursting energy. Surprise your family each day with a different fruit juice. You can also play games with them by letting them guess the fruit they will drink today.
  • Prepare a mouth-watering smoothie for your family as an evening bash with a blend of some fruits along with yogurt or cream. Choose or make any recipe of yours because your juicer will just take a click to put it all together.
  • Host cocktail parties for friends and entertain them with a variety of blends of fruits and vegetables. You cannot only do this for your own friends, but also for the friends of your children. This could be their healthy and nourishing treat.
  • Competitions for preparing best fruit or vegetable juices and cocktails can be held to come up with exciting and nourishing combinations.
  • Celebrate vegetable or fruit day with your children and the one who completed his/her homework on time will get to choose his/her favorite fruit or veggie.
  • Prepare a family cocktail dinner with a different healthy cocktail for each member of your family according to his/her own choice.
The use of juicers and fruits and vegetable extractors can save your time and effort and help you improve your family health.
Slip in one or more of these ideas in your menu and get your family munching in more fruits and veggies.


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