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Sweet Red Grape Juice’s Richness & Vitality in Health

Posted July 18th, 2011

Juicing Grapes with JuicerGrapes are normally associated with the color green. So we tend to forget other colored grapes that exist! You would think that color doesn’t make a difference but it does! Red grapes, our topic for today are somewhat different from their family. First of all red grapes are more than just a good source for red wine. It is a fruit rich in health benefits that really exceed one’s expectations. Here are reasons why you should include this healthy delicious fruit juice in your diet: 

Red grapes are rich in vitamins and minerals
Red grapes have Vitamin A, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C. It also has nutrients like potassium, manganese, iron, folic acid (folate), calcium, zinc and copper in it. Yes, drinking red grape juice will give you a good intake of vitamins and minerals.

Red grapes contain special flavonoids
Red grapes have flavonoids absent in green grapes which are Quercetin and Resveratrol. Each one also has its own importance. Quercetin for example works as an antioxidant that prevents oxidized cholesterol from accumulating. It also provides antihistamine effects by treating allergies. Resveratrol on the other hand gives red grapes its beautiful color. It helps prevent heart disease. But research also indicates that it helps the body fight the growth of cancer cells. It is also known to be an anti-aging compound. Resveratrol’s existence in red grapes also explains the reason for French Paradox. This explains that even though the French have a diet high in fat content, they still have low heart disease risk due to their regular consumption of red wine.

Red grapes contains Saponins
Saponins is one powerful compound because it has antibacterial, antiviral and anti-tumor properties! It also prevents the bloodstream from absorbing cholesterol which keeps your heart safe and healthy. Red grapes also have other polyphenol compounds that act as antioxidants such as catechin and rutin.
Now that you know all these benefits of red grapes, you must be thirsty to drink some now. Juicing red grapes is an excellent way of consuming it on a hot day.

Here is a simple recipe of red grapes juice to keep your family and yourself, fresh and healthy. All you need is a juice extractor and the following ingredients:

Fresh red grape juice 
      Clusters of fresh red grapes


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