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Why Fresh Cranberry Juice Is Good For Your Health

Posted August 8th, 2011

Juicer For Juicing CranberriesCranberries go beyond the thanksgiving table!

Cranberry plant is a small bush with bright and shinny berries. This little herb has been prized by many women for whom it’s more than just a thanksgiving relish. The taste of cranberries is bitter and tangy but amazingly refreshing. For many centuries, it has been used because of its therapeutic and healing powers. All those benefits are now realized across the world. Anyhow, cranberries continue to retain the place of honor at your thanksgiving table. 

But this is not the only reason for the popularities of cranberries. Their claim to fame is due to the fact that they help in the prevention of urinary tract infection in females. However, recently cranberry juice is famous for holding anti-cancerous properties. This has been a recent discovery that was revealed from a preliminary research. It showed that cranberries have some compounds that are anti-cancerous and may prove to be effective fighters against this disease.

This means a glass of freshly extracted cranberry juice from a juicer will reduce the risk of cancer. What a delicious way to fight the most malicious disease. Studies suggest that cranberries have components that can inhibit the formation of cancerous tissues. This is because those small red cranberries contain the highest concentrations of cancer inhibitors like antioxidant polyphenols, flavinoids and other phenolic acids.

As mentioned earlier, cranberry juice is especially an enhancer for women health. Hence, it is known to reduce breast cancer and retard the growth of other forms of cancers. Due to its cancer fighting abilities, cranberry juice is essential for cutting the risk of cancer.  

Besides, its anti-cancerous action, cranberry juice also fights some heart ailments. This is precisely due to the presence of flavinoids in high concentrations. Therefore, cranberry juice improves the flow of blood to and from heart. An added advantage for those who drink cranberry juice is that it prevents the formation of kidney stones.

Cranberry juice is also consumed because of its detoxifying action. It helps in flushing off toxins from the body. The best part is that cranberries have low caloric content so there is no reason to have a fear of weight gain from cranberry juice. All these advantages plus cancer killing abilities make cranberry juice ideal for daily consumption. 
Juicing Tips:

  • Rinse your cranberries thoroughly
  • You can add other fruits like apples, strawberries and blueberries to sweeten your cranberry juice
  • Juice using your juicer.



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