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What Apple Juice Has In Store

Posted October 7th, 2011

Best Juicer for Fruits and VegetablesIt was an apple used by a witch to put a fairytale princess to sleep. The apple was used by the devil to convince Eve to commit a sin. This same fruit is now used to make some scrumptious stuff like pies, jams and other sweet delicacies. But when it passes through your juicer, it transforms into a delicious golden or crimson yellow liquid that is capable of leaving an unforgettable taste on your pallet. Seriously, the apple has more juice than meets the eye. If you like to eat apples, you will love to drink its juice.

You must have heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. This saying has been proven true to the core and an apple juice a day will provide the wholesome nourishment and unlock the goodness packed in apples.

Health benefits of apple juice
Apple juice freshly extracted from a juicer will contain the essential nutrients that will help in the protection of your body against ailments like the common cold. The antioxidants present in a fresh unprocessed apple juice prevent the risk of heart diseases and cancer. The best part is the cloudier your apple juice is the more antioxidants it contains and antioxidants are good for the health. The packaged and artificially flavored juices, however, apply different techniques to remove haze which loses most antioxidants.

Perhaps it’s hard to believe for many people but apple juice taken in moderation helps in weight loss. Here again the antioxidants play a major part just like they do in the reduction of cholesterol levels. According to scientific research, apple juice is linked to the improvement of cognition due to improved brain function.

Apple juice contains pectin that aids in digestion by keeping the intestine smooth and reducing the chances of constipation. When apples are extracted from a juice extractor, it will also help in toxin removal. In this way, the chances of different liver and kidney diseases due to an unhealthy diet are greatly reduced.

Apple juice contains natural sugars that help in maintaining the energy level of your body. Since apples are rich in potassium, apple juice freshly made from juicers helps reduce arthritis pain in older people.

These days, children like to drink unhealthy aerated drinks but you can certainly replace them with healthy, more nutritious and healthy apple juice. The above mentioned advantages can be obtained from drinking apple juice but that’s not all. Apple juice also makes a very good cocktail drink. Apple juice can be mixed with carrot and celery juice to add flavor to other nutritious but not so appetizing juices.


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