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Now You Can Eat Fruits & Veggies With Ease

Posted November 6th, 2011

Best Juicer for Juicing There are various benefits associated with juicing vegetables and fruits. Both vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients and phytonutrients. Being antioxidant in nature, the juice of these fruits and vegetables can fulfill much of your daily nutritional requirements.

Health experts suggest the consumption of 6 to 8 servings of different fruits and vegetables everyday. Contrarily, only a few of us follow this. Juicing fruits and vegetables is an easy way to induce all these benefits into your body.
If you are diabetic, you can still benefit from juices, but you will only have to maintain control with fruit juices. Fruit juices are sweet because they contain natural sources of fructose. People who are diabetic should consult their doctors or nutritionist to seek best advice upon which fruit juices to consume. Vegetable juices on the other hand are beneficial for diabetic people.

However, you can always drink lemons and limes because they do not contain any traces of sugar or fructose which cause the majority of metabolic complications. Moreover, limes and lemons are incredible at getting rid of the bitter taste of the green vegetables that give most of the benefits.

There are many health benefits of juicing vegetables that will compel you into adding them to your daily health program. Firstly, juicing helps you to absorb all the nutrients from the vegetables. Most people have impaired digestion because of following bad food choices for many years. This practice limits the ability of your body to take in all the nutrients from the vegetables. Juicing them will help you to “pre-digest” those nutrients so you can receive the maximum amount of benefits.

Juicing allows the consumption of vegetable and fruits up to a maximum amount in an effectual way. Many people find it difficult to eat raw fruits and vegetables, so definitely juicing would be a great option, especially if you have been recommended by the doctor to consume more fruits and vegetables.

Another benefit of juicing is that you can add all the fruits and vegetables that you do not like much to eat in the best juice extractor. This way you can also consume the benefits of all fruits and vegetables.

Juicing Recipe
Take equal quantities of cucumber, fennel and celery, and juice them up in juice extractor. Pour out in a glass and add some lime juice into it. This juice will taste a little bitter in taste, but gradually you will feel better about them. Later, you can add more vegetables to the recipe. You can add green leaf lettuce, red leaf lettuce, romaine lettuce, spinach or escarole to the juice later. When you are used to this drink, you can also add Chinese cabbage, cabbage and bok choy into your juice.

Later, you can also add some herbs to your juices because they give taste and more benefits to the juice. You can add cilantro and parsley. Cilantro is a bit challenging to consume, but is very beneficial to your health.


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