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Health Benefits of Drinking Fresh Fruit Juices

Posted December 22nd, 2011

Best Juicer for Juicing Fruits and VeggiesMany people prefer purchasing canned or jarred fruit juices because of feasibility. They taste well and also require no effort for juicing the fruits. Although, the cans and jars contain labels that include health information which seems very nutritious, these juices are super rich in sugar levels that can be very dangerous for your health.
Fresh fruit juices are luscious, sweet and mostly consist of water. They give our bodies a variety of minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients and a substantial amount of fiber that also fills you up. Mostly people use inefficient juicers which are unable to extract all the nutrition from the juice, whereas using the best juicer can give all the benefits of the fruit. 

Juicing up fruits not only helps you consume a lot of nutrients, but also enables you to take up more nutrients in less time. For example, it will take you a few minutes to eat an orange, while at the same time you can drink as much orange juice as you can.

Fruit juices contain lots of minerals, vitamin and other essential elements. For instance, certain fruit juices contain substantial amounts of vitamin C, minerals and folate. Many fruit juices, like orange juice may also include calcium. If you want to include fruit juices in your daily diet, then you must go for fresh juices because they are free of preservatives and added supplements.
Many fruit juices are rich in vitamin C content which is responsible for collagen buildup. Collagen is a protein that helps to maintain radiant skin and cartilage. Drinking vitamin C concentrated fruit juices will help you to replenish the quantity of vitamin C stored in the skin and also enhance the natural beauty of the skin.  Vitamin C content also helps in joint flexibility and preservation of healthy hair. It also protects from macular degeneration and cataracts.

Many juices also contain calcium content which is great to keep the bones and teeth healthy. Juices which are rich in calcium might also help you to lower the blood pressure level, lower the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and also protect from osteoporosis. Juices which are rich in potassium can also contribute towards preventing from osteoporosis by building up osteocalcin which is an important protein, found only in the bone. You can also keep your blood pressure low by drinking potassium rich juices.

Vitamin B, such as folate, can reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular ailments and memory decline during aging. Folate in the fruit juices also help to increase the growth of serotonin which can help to fight off depression and recover mood.

Many juices also work wonders if you are undergoing a weight loss diet, whereas some varieties of fruit juices also increase migraines, especially citrus fruits.


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