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Detox Juicing: Six Day Plan

Posted December 28th, 2011

Best Juicer for Detox Juicing After discovering all the benefits and perks of your juice extractor, you may be questioning your ability to do a complete juice detox. A juice detox not only cleanses your body, but also uses the nutritional content of your juicer ingredients to restore the body’s nutritional levels. Raw foods and juices contain concentrated, raw vitamins and minerals that are not processed and contain no artificial byproducts. Using a juicer to detox ensures that your body receives only the most natural and beneficial ingredients.

When preparing for a juicer-based detox, you must abstain from alcohol, caffeine, drugs, animal products and other “vices” that introduce foreign substances into your body. Using the best juicer or juice extractor possible, you can ensure that you will have the ability to juice an endless array of fruits and vegetables. 

Day One
Concentrate on cleansing your liver and kidneys. This is achieved by juicing a half/half mixture of apple and celery juice.

Day Two
Continue cleansing the liver. Juice your favorite citrus fruits into a blend of liver-fighting liquids.

Day Three
Juicing pineapples will introduce bromelain, which helps prevent inflammation, allergies and arthritis.

Day Four
The fun begins. Beets, carrots and apple juice will maintain your liver cleanse and include nutrients that are especially beneficial to female health.

Beet, Carrot, Apple Juice
1/2 inch of ginger, washed
2 beets, washed
2 carrots, washed
2 apples, washed

Day Five
For juicing into the week, start including leafy greens which flush toxins out of the body.

Day Six
Now that your juicer-detox has completely cleansed your body, you want to begin restoring the vitamin, mineral and nutrient levels. This is achieved by a mixture of fruits and vegetables, as well as using the pulp of your juicing recipes in other kitchen experiments.


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