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January Freshness

Posted January 2nd, 2012

Best Juicer for Juicing January Fruits and VeggiesVariety and freshness is the key to becoming great friends with your juice extractor. While January may not seem like the most abundant month for juicing options, there are some key players that are at their prime during the New Year. Citrus fruits are the first ingredient that comes to mind for January juicing freshness. Being so high in vitamin C, citrus fruits are a perfect key ingredient for any juicing recipe and diet. 

Avocados are higher in protein than a serving of cow’s milk and is high in monounsaturated fats, which when replacing saturated fats can lower blood cholesterol.

Bananas are not suggested for juicing, but can be added to any juice recipe after juicing other ingredients.

Oranges, a favorite for mornings, can add the entire daily value of vitamin C, which will boost your immune system.

Papayas not only prevent atherosclerosis and heart disease, they are also full of vitamin C, E and A.

Tangerines are similar to oranges but are typically less sour and tart. They are an excellent source of vitamin C and Beta-carotene.

Endive is a neglected vegetable and deserves more attention, especially for its beneficial properties. They are known to help with acne, bladder problems constipation, anemia, circulation, and weight loss. Any vegetable-based juicing recipe should include endive for this reason.

Broccoli is typically not palatable solo, but can be added to many juice extractor recipes. Broccoli contains high amounts of beta-carotene and vitamin C, which are linked to reducing the risk of heart disease, cancers and cataracts.

Cabbage (savoy is the sweetest and red cabbage is the highest in iron) is full of vitamin K and C can be added to a recipe of apples and almonds to make the perfect afternoon juicing snack that is full of protein.

Apple-Cabbage Juice Recipe
2 Granny Smith Apples
¼ head of cabbage
handful of almonds

Using your juice extractor, juice the apples first. Add a portion of the cabbage, then a few almonds. Repeat with the remaining cabbage and almonds.

Carrots are a star in the juicing world. The juice is a perfect match for almost any recipe. Vitamin A, carotenoids and lutein work together to help protect your heart, your eyes, and have anti-cancer properties.

Peppers will surprise you. The juice of green peppers is buttery, light and a perfect match for citrus. Adding a hot pepper to any juicing recipe will give an delightful spice to your daily routine, as well as supply your body with capsaicin, which acts as a detoxifier, pain killer and antibiotic.


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