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Juicing Superfoods Part 4: Herbs

Posted January 30th, 2012

Best Herb Juicer For Juicing SuperfoodsThe last of the “Superfood Juicing” series is a food group not always considered when juicing: Herbs. Herb garden planning is beginning and when you consider which herbs to plant, do not overlook the possibility of juicing these same herbs. Juicing is also a perfect way to use up the leftover herbs used in your dinner and lunch recipes. 

Herbs contain many different vitamins and nutrients that help balance diet and nutrient consumption. Herbs have been used for centuries in ancient rituals and medicine. Considering this long-term testament to the benefits of herbs, including them in your juicing diet is highly recommended for health reasons and simply for flavor. 

Echinacea is highly regarded for its medicinal purposes and ability to fight off colds and the flu. Echinacea works by strengthening the immune system and increasing the speed of lymph flow in the body creating a quicker means of riding the body of toxins. By juicing echinacea, rather than taking it in capsule form, you are assuring that you consume the entire plant, with none of the antibiotic properties lost to processing.

Nettle, the stinging plant, is called this because they have tiny needles, which have a sting similar to bee stings. Keeping away from nettle may seem like a good idea, until you find out the benefits of nettle. Nettle is the natural bowel movement stimulator, helps with weight loss and is high in calcium and iron. It also stimulates thyroid function, which increases metabolism, reduces fatigue and can eliminate symptoms of depression.

*To juice nettle, USING GARDENING GLOVES, pick them before they flower. There are two ways to remove the sting: blanching them and juicing them. Picking them after they flower runs the risk of the leaves containing calcium carbonate which can hurt your urinary tract functioning*

Sting-Free Bee-sting
3 stems of nettle (with leaves ) using gloves
3 Granny Smith apples
1 lemon
1 tsp honey (Vegans can use agave nectar)

Using your juicer, alternate between the apple, and a stem of nettle. Finish by juicing the lemon. Tastes best heated with honey added.



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