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Exotic Winter Fruit Month

Posted March 12th, 2012

Best Juicer for Juicing FruitsMarch has been deemed the official month of exotic fruits by the CDC. The trend toward exotic fruits is becoming obvious at most supermarkets. Finding fruits to juice that you haven’t tried can be a goal of your next juicing round to maintain juicing variety. Since the southern hemisphere is experiencing their summer while we have our winter, their produce is at its prime during the cold months. Juicing exotic fruits now will ensure a true flavor as well as a bit of spontaneity. 

The tamarillo, also called a tree tomato, has an egg shape with edible seeds inside. Found in South America, it has a tart flavor and works perfect with a juicing recipe that has greens or any juicer recipe that may need some pizzazz.

The feijoa is also an egg-shaped fruit that is overflowing with juices to be used in your juice extractor. It has a versatile flavor that is a cross between pineapple and strawberry juice. Feijoa are found in South America, New Zealand and some parts of California.
The kiwano melon is also known as the African horned melon. They are found in New Zealand, California and central Africa. The flavor of kiwano juice is sweet, yet tart and works great with almost any juicing recipe, especially those with added sweetness.

Guava is possibly not considered exotic in the US anymore. Found in South America, Hawaii, Florida, and California, the guava has become increasingly popular in food recipes and juicing recipes. Guavas are entirely edible and entirely judicable (as are most fruits). The flavor is similar to tropical fruits with the sweetness and tart afterbite.

Exotic Juice
1 pear
1 cup strawberries
2 feijoas
1 guava
1 tsp honey (if desired)

Using your juicer, juice the fruit in order. Stir in added honey if desired.


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