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Why Juice?

Posted March 23rd, 2012

Best Juicer for Juicing For those who are new to juicing, and maybe even a few juicing veterans, the most popular question asked regarding a juice diet, is “why”. What benefits does juicing have and why juice over eating the ingredients whole. Juicing is not a new trend, but has gotten more publicity in the recent future. Juicing is a simple way to provide your body with the basic nutrition needed and desired for a healthy life. The potency of juicing is where the benefits lie. 

Using a juicer or juice extractor cuts back on digestion. The juice extractor basically digests the solids for your body, making the transit time from consumption to body systems drastically shorter.

Juicing allows for a higher amount of nutrients to be consumed. Since the potency is higher and the solid matter is lower, you can consume more of the “good stuff” and less of the “extras”.

Sticking to a juicing diet has also been known to detoxify the liver and improve cardiovascular health by lowering triglycerides and preventing heart disease. Juicing increases energy levels and helps regenerate cells. This rapid regeneration of cells is what causes the shiny, strong hair and nails and clear, elastic skin in those who practice a juicing diet.

Sticking to a vegetable recipe is also known to alkalize the body. The following recipe helps to alkalize the body and restore the pH balance of your system.

Carrot and Greens Alkaline Juice
4 carrots
4 cups spinach
1 sweet apple (optional for a sweeter taste)

Using your juicer alternate between the ingredients and feed them through the juicer spout.


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