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Juicing Herbs

Posted April 13th, 2012

Best Juicer for Herbs: Juice ExtractorJuicing herbs is growing in popularity and many are discovering the added flavor certain herbs can bring to a juicer recipe. Along with the flavor, certain herbs are full of vitamins and health benefits that can turn an already healthy recipe into an amazing, flavorful elixir.

Parsley is a common herb that is found in many supermarkets and easy to grow in most climates. Parsley has a strong flavor when juiced and is suggested to be added to other fruit and vegetable juices for taste reasons. Parsley is high in chlorophyll and contains the highest concentration of vitamin A out of all the herbs. Parsley is also high in vitamin B, C and contains lower amounts of vitamin E. Parsley juice has long been used in eye health to prevent night blindness and eye fatigue. 

Mint is an herb that is usually either loved or hated. For a refreshing kick to a juicing recipe, mint is a perfect ingredient. Numerous studies have shown that mint leaves can be used in preventing irritable bowel syndrome symptoms, bloating, constipation and other gastrointestinal ailments. Mint is also used in migraine and headache therapy and is known for preventing arthritis.

Cucumber-Mint Juice
3 cucumbers
¼ cup mint leaves
¼ inch piece of ginger, optional

Using your juicer, alternate between the items feeding them through the juicer feed chute. Ginger is optional and can add a contrast to the refreshing mint flavor. If the flavors are too bold, add a few more cucumber to the recipe.


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