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Boost Immune System with Juicing

Posted May 14th, 2012

Juicer for Boosting Immune SystemUsing a power juicer can bring people powerful benefits! One of these fantastic benefits is immunity boosting. Nutrition plays a vital role in how the human body functions and fights off illness, and juicing fruits and vegetables with a juice extractor is a fantastic way to help boost the immune system and keep it supported. Many people may wonder why they cannot just eat the fruits and vegetables in order to get the same benefits. The answer is that when these items are juiced, they provide all the essential nutrients the body needs in larger amounts than when consumed wholly on their own. When looking at the benefits between juicing versus consuming wholly, think of this; most people are not likely to sit down and eat a whole head of greens or an entire bowl of oranges and apples. However, people can get all of this and more when these foods are mixed together in a juicer and juiced. 

The best tip for juicing is to use produce that is free from pesticides so the main purpose is not being defeated. Also, the riper the better! When juicing fruits and vegetables, making sure they are ripe is important because ripe produce helps support the immune system better. Making juice can be a fun way to enhance your diet and add more good things to it that you may not typically eat. If you are having trouble deciding what to add to your juice, try the rainbow effect. The rainbow effect means adding fruits and vegetables from the whole spectrum of the rainbow; from lemon to beets. Keep in mind though that the most nutritious and vitamin packed choices is the products that are deepest in color.

For many people, juicing is a way of life. Once they tried it, they found that they could not go back to a life without fresh produce everyday –in the form of a delicious healthy drink!

Rainbow Juice:
1 beet,
4 Carrots
Handful of Kale
1 Lemon
½ Ginger
3 Celery stalk

Using your juicer, add all ingredients through the feed chute and juice.


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