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Choosing the Best Juicer

Posted June 8th, 2012

Best Juicer for juicing fruits and vegetablesChoosing the best juicer is not an easy task for those who are new to juicing. Let’s be honest, choosing the best juicer is daunting for even seasoned users. The main focus is keeping your juicing routine simple. Once something becomes difficult or more work than benefit, we tend to quit doing it. Strenuous activity should be saved for exercise. Juicing should be fun and full of excitement over trying new recipes.

First focus on how easy a juicer is to use properly. Keyword being “properly”. This includes cleaning the machine. If you skimp on the cleaning, your juicer will not last its full lifecycle. 

Second, how much juice will you get. Juicing can become expensive if the yield-per-pound is inefficient. Good juicers are strong enough to juice the entire product, giving a higher yield per pound ratio. Compare these before selecting a cheaper model. You will save more money on product than on the juicer.

Third, check the strength. This is important for two reasons: the actual juice content and how long your juicer will last. Strong, quality juicers can last, should last, for years. Cheaper juicers cannot handle seeds or cores and will burn-out the motor within months. Juicers that simply crush fruits and vegetables do not yield the same enzyme content as juicers that yield nutritionally supreme juice.

Fourth, again, check the strength. Strength and quality is important. Juicers with low horsepower or less than 600 watt motors will die a quick death. Speed is also important. Be sure to look for RPM speeds over 9000. Material will extend the life of your machine as well. Stainless steel is the sturdiest, although some parts must be made of plastics for ease of cleaning.

Simple Watermelon-Energy Juice
1 cup parsley
5 carrots
watermelon, cut into strips (rind included)

Juice away. If you have chosen the correct juicer, rinds do not matter, and likely contain vital nutrients that add to the quality of your juice.  


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