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Juicing for Beginners

Posted June 19th, 2012

Best Juicer for BeginnersPeople who are new to the world of juicing tend to think that using an at home power juicer is a horrible chore. However, the truth is that it is no harder than fixing a small meal. In fact, it takes less work than fixing a small meal! Making your own juice is an extremely healthy thing to do but there are a few things that must be remembered. The first thing is that even though vegetable juice is fantastic for your body, one cannot make a full meal from only vegetable juice. It contains too little protein and no fat, so using it as an alternative to eating regular meals is not a good idea unless it is being used for detoxification purposes. 

It is also important to listen to the things that your body is trying to say. No one should force themselves to drink a juiced product that they do not find palatable just because they have been told it is good for them. When you first begin making juice at home, begin with the items that you enjoy eating in whole form and then add others to the mix. Starting out slowly can make it to where juicing becomes a regular part of your life; not just because it is healthy and saves money, but because it tastes great and you enjoy it! One way to make almost any juice taste fabulous is to add lemons. These will even add a sprig of taste to vegetable juices! Cranberries can also make any juice taste spectacular. Find what you like and use it. You may find that there are many combinations that you would never have thought to be good but you end up loving anyway!

Simple Beginner Recipe:
7 carrots
Handful of spinach
1 small Lemon

Feed ingredients through your juicer and serve.


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