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Juicing to Prevent Diseases

Posted June 30th, 2012

Juicer for Juicing for CancerCancer is an ugly truth that millions of people must face each year. While there are many radical medical treatments to ward off cancer, put it into remission or even cure it in some cases, also many people  look to natural ways to fight the big “C”. Focusing on a diet filled with raw fruits and veggies is a good way to go. 

The following are recommended as being the top ones to consider:
Carrots: These contain alpha carotene and Vitamin E
Broccoli: This contains isothiocyanates
Asparagus: This contains saponins
Beets: These contain proanthocyanicins
These are the real cancer fighters and also help to protect the liver! 

Life is not always slow paced enough for people to eat all of these veggies every day, and this is why making vegetable juice is a solid alternative to incorporating them into meals. Using a  juicer can make this an easy thing to do.

Many people like the taste of fruit juice as it adds just a bit of extra flavor, however, too much fruit juice adds more glucose than should be present. The focus should be on vegetable juicing as vegetables have cancer fighting abilities. This is not to say that other vegetables should be avoided. Feel free to add any type, just make sure that they are raw veggies.


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