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Top Juicing Recipes for Fruit Lovers

Posted August 6th, 2012

Best Juicer for Juicing FruitsFruits for one thing, taste fantastic and they provide the body cells with all the nutrients that are essential for your systems to thrive. Here are some delicious juicing recipes for fruit lovers. 

Juice from the Tropics
If you love to get a tropical feeling when you take your first sip of juice, this is the perfect recipe for you! 
1 peeled Kiwi
1 peeled orange
6 large strawberries
1 cup of pineapple pieces
1 small peeled mango
Get all the ingredients ready and put them in the juice extractor. Process all the fruits well, pour into a glass with ice cubes and Serve chilled.

Berry Good Juice
If you love berries, this is the juice for you!
1 cup of large strawberries
1 cucumber
1 cup blueberries
1 cup blackberries
1 cup raspberries
Juice all ingredients.Pour into a glass with ice and serve chilled.

And finally, the ultimate fruit juice recipe is the Ginger and Citrus Surprise.
2 Clementine oranges
1 lemon
2 carrots
4 strawberries
1 inch of ginger, fresh
All you have to do is put all the ingredients into your best juicer and mix it all up! That is all there is to it!

These juice recipes are healthy and easy to make using your juice extractor! Enjoy these any time of the year especially on a hot summer day.


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