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The Best and Worst Foods for a Cancer-Based Nutritional Plan

Posted August 30th, 2012

Best Juicer  for Juicing Fruits and VegetablesWe are pleased to post this article by Jillian McKee a Complementary Medicine Advocate at the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance. Eating healthy is very crucial to combating harmful diseases. Thanks Jillian for spreading the word about the integration of complementary and alternative medicine. 

The Best and Worst Foods for a Cancer-Based Nutritional Plan

Cancer is a disease that attacks with a relentless onslaught of side effects that torture the body and ultimately may sometimes lead to death. Whether it is a diagnosis of mesothelioma or the re-occurrence of a cancer once thought to be in remission, this disease can have an overwhelming effect on the mental and physical well being of a person. Those diagnosed with this disease are provided with a set of options that will ease the stress on their mind and body and hopefully help get them on the road to recovery and remission. One of those options that is key to successfully battling and possibly defeating cancer is nutrition. The effects that nutrition has on the body are overwhelming and a healthy diet plan revolving around cancer will aid a patient in more ways than one. Below is a list that starts with the items that should be limited or removed altogether from your diet and ends with the foods that should be considered vital when it comes to battling cancer.


A diet high in red meats is definitely not wise when dealing with many different forms of cancer. Meats tend to have a lot of additives, such as hormones, that change the chemical makeup of your body and allow cancer cells to thrive and reproduce at a much faster rate. There are many alternative choices available that, when prepared, are much healthier for the body and possibly much more delicious in the long run.

Cancer cells live and thrive in very hostile environments and sugar plays a very huge part in the creation of that world. It is best to limit or remove all sweets and sugars from your diet when battling cancer and its symptoms. A piece of birthday cake will not be an ultimate death sentence but the daily consumption of sugary drinks, sweets and candy will need to be eliminated or substituted with fresh juices and a selection of fruit and vegetables.

Dairy products, such as milks and cheeses, offer an incredible source of protein that is needed when waging a war against cancer. The downside, however, is that cancer cells tend to feed and grow at a more rapid rate when mixed with the outcome of the dairy products once manipulated by your body’s organs. A physician will probably give a scale on what is the safe amount that can be consumed on a daily and weekly basis.


The key to any successful diet is the addition of fruits and vegetables. It is best to consult with a nutritionist to decide what is considered essential from the vast array of fruits and vegetables that will offer the most vitamins and minerals to aid in keeping strength to a maximum as well as fighting off the disease in any way possible.

There is a multitude of herbs and spices that have overwhelming effects on the human body. With that being said, most cancer patients should seek the advice of someone who is trained and licensed in herbal medicine. These doctors can assist them in choosing the right herbs and spices that can aid in every part of the battle against this horrific disease.


The information provided on www.oklifestore.com/blog site should in no way serve as medical advice. Readers are encouraged to confirm the information contained here with other sources and seek medical advice from a physician.