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Drinking Broccoli Juice

Posted October 8th, 2012

Juicer for Jucing VegetablesBroccoli is one of the vegetables that can be found all year round but it is mostly plentiful during the chilly season. One of the best sources of getting vitamins A, B, C, calcium, copper and zinc is though nutrient filled Broccoli juice. Broccoli juice contains pre-digested nutrients which aids the digestive system. 

To maintain healthy bones, incorporating Broccoli juice in your daily diet is very useful as Broccoli juice is extremely rich in calcium. Broccoli juice will also improve cardiovascular health by reducing cholesterol levels naturally and lowering blood pressure.

Broccoli juice is recommended for anemic people due to its iron rich nutrient which treats anemia.
A daily dose of broccoli juice is very good for the health; but never forget to consult your doctor before including raw broccoli juice regularly in your diet.

Broccoli Apple Carrot Juice
5 broccoli florets
1 apple
2 carrots   

Feed ingredients through your juicer and enjoy!


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