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Cilantro Juice

Posted November 6th, 2012

Vegetable Juicer for juicing Leafy greensCilantro, also known as coriander is a leafy green that belongs in the carrot family. Cilantro is a popular ingredient used in cooking different types of food. Cilantro contains different vitamins that improve the immune system. It also improves the digestive system while disinfecting and detoxifying the body. Cilantro also contains strong anti-inflammatory capabilities that may help symptoms of arthritis. Even with all the nutritional benefits, many people may find it challenging to drink cilantro juice due to the taste. It is recommended to add other fruits and vegetables such as lemon, carrot, pear while juicing cilantro to stabilize the taste. The good news is that juicing a small amount of cilantro will yield all the nutritional benefits mentioned.

Mellow Cilantro Juice Recipe: 
Half bunch of Cilantro
2 carrots
1 pear
1 lemon

Roll up cilantro bunch and feed through your juicer, add the remaining ingredients into the juicer and juice.


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